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Red River College

Norscan President & CEO Daniel Deleurme Selected as Featured RRC Grad

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Product Development Services

Quickly bringing better, more cost-effective products to market

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Touchless Cable Locating

A simpler locating process increases productivity and decreases costs

Make Informed Maintenance Decisions

Cable Monitoring

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cable locating

Accurate locates are a critical step in preventing cable damage. Traditional methods, however, are labor intensive and can quickly escalate costs.

Norscan’s patented technology makes cable locating easier and safer – and takes half the time!


cable monitoring

A network outage is extremely costly – in terms of damage to your cables and your reputation.

Norscan’s monitoring system is the only way to reliably detect problems with buried cables so you can prevent outages and make informed maintenance decisions.


product development

Your competitive advantage lies in bringing better, more cost-effective products to market.

As your innovation partner, Norscan will help transform your ideas into products that customers love. We’re with you all the way – from concept to commercialization.

Latest News

Serviceless in Seattle

Last month, Comcast found out the hard way that proper locates are your best line of defense against damage to your outside plant. After a construction crew cut a “major fiber-optic trunk line” in Seattle, approximately 30,000 customers were without internet for most of the day as crews worked tirelessly to splice the cable back together.

Norscan President & CEO Daniel Deleurme Selected as Featured RRC Grad

If you're driving around the streets of Winnipeg, you may have noticed a series of Red River Collegiate billboards featuring some of their V.I.P. graduates. Norscan's own President and CEO Daniel Deleurme was selected as one of these V.I.P. grads, and he joins a distinguished group of RRC grads who are leaders in their chosen fields.

Our Customers

The Norscan product offering definitely adds visibility to our buried cable infrastructure and, considering the total cost of implementing the FTTH network, the cost to implement the Norscan system was less than 1% of the entire FTTH installation.

-Gary Spear, Columbus Telephone Company